27th May 2017

New Years Eve Cottage Breaks

You're hard at work all year so when it comes to that last week, everyone needs a little rest. It's also a time of celebrating the birth of a New Year and reminiscing on the past. So this December pack your bags and head out for a year-end cottage break. You will love the change and will come back refreshed for the next year.

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Finding the sun

If you're in the UK the sun is going to be difficult to find this time of year. So the only thing left to do is to go where the sun is. Although you can't expect the warmth of summer, the Mediterranean area and surrounding coasts do offer a tinge of summer. Quinta do Mangueiral S. Baromoleude Messines located in Portugal might be great choice for you. It houses about six people. Your family will especially love this location as the property includes a 10 hectare garden with over 200 tropical plants. With lots of room for evening walks or games, your kids can run and play and have a whale of a time! The peace and quiet will do wonders for you.

It's time to party

If you want to end the year with a bang then find a cottage that helps you celebrate your passion. Closer to home, you will find beautiful Spanish cottages that can be rented out. The advantage of a winter holiday is that you can escape the high season crowds and costs. Casa Ann Estepona is a port city that offers restaurants, clubs and marina boutique all in one place. The city and surrounding areas are recommended for winter sun. You can have a perfect little holiday right here.

A quiet beginning to the New Year

If you are tired of all that Christmas partying then you will probably want to slow down a bit. After all it's the end of a year so it's a good time to sit back and ponder over past success and failure.. A little quiet time with yourself or a loved one will help put things in perspective and will give you an opportunity to prioritise for the next year. A stroll through historical landmarks and museums may have a calming effect on you.

So if 'calm' is on your mind, then travel to Italy. This beautiful location gets so crowded in summer so you rarely get to enjoy the city sights. Try Il Tramonto, which is about an hour from Palermo by train. This may be an interesting cottage retreat.

Looking out to sea, from a mountain side terrace or from the cathedral of Cefalus, there is plenty of time to reflect. You could also enjoy a walk on the beach or linger at a small village shop. There is even the option of a boat tour to the islands, just off the coast.

Get on the move

The New Year is about to come and the Christmas season has ended. Use the time in between to enjoy the memories of the year gone by. The greys of winter will soon be over and you can now look forward to spring. You owe yourself one last special treat for the year. Go on a quick cottage holiday, where the sun shines at off-season rates.

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